Expert Market Timing Course

In this Advanced Trading Course you will first learn how to time the broad US market like a professional does.
Then, using the same techniques and strategies, you will qualify superior real-time futures trades, individual stock selections, ETFs and Mirror Fund trades. 





WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:   Whether you’re an individual trader or Investor, a Financial Advisor, Money Manager or serious Student of the Market, higher profitability and risk mitigation all begins with Expert Market Timing. A True Professional knows when and where the Market is changing direction and will maximize profitability by trading in the same direction with the largest institutions in the business.


The VTC’s premier Expert Market Timing Course was designed to teach you how to analyze and trade the Market like a true Professional does every single day. Using our time proven training methods, you follow a structured, learnable and repeatable process that is guaranteed to empower you and change the way you view the Market forever. 


Whether your trading Stocks, ETF’s, Funds or Futures, you positively need to know where you stand in the Market every day. With the VTC’s SM Market Bias Market Trading Call, it is now possible for our clients at all levels of experience to know what really drives the Market and how to trade it.

The VTC’s methods are 100% objective and delivered over in a fully transparent manner with nothing held back. At the Vector Traders Consortium, you not only get the right information the first time, your able to use it right away.  Whether the Market is long, short, or net neutral, this training will empower you to make critical decisions with a level of confidence and conviction that otherwise is just not possible.



Led by Jeff Kilian a 25 year Proven Professional Trader


Combined rating of all clients who have studied with The Vector Traders Consortium 


4.50 / 5 Excellent  rating


The S&P E-Mini Futures Expert Market Timing Course was administered July 13th through July 16th 2020 to a worldwide audience.

The information is proven and timeless in nature and puts you right over the shoulder of one of the best traders in the world today.

You get (7) full modules with more actionable intelligence on how to trade as a professional, than any other Trading Course on the web today. We guarantee it!







“I recently spent 8 hours training one on one with Jeff Kilian. He is by far one of the top Technical Analysts in the world today and clearly showed me how a trader or investor must first become an Expert Market Timer in order to profitably trade stocks, ETF’s, mirror funds or futures in real time. Superior analytical and communicative skills combined with being a real-life professional trader, set him apart from all others. It was a real pleasure to work with him.”


Larry Jacobs – Trading Champion and Editor of Traders World Magazine


Strict Risk Management


On The Right Side Of The Market

Profitable Trades

Fully Transparent Recorded In Real Time
Module 1: The Critical Nature of Volume

We begin by presenting the critical nature of Volume, and how it effects future directional price movement. Throughout history, the largest trading institutions have always been responsible for orchestrating price movement from one direction to another or will sustain buying or selling pressure to keep prices moving in the established direction to continue the trend, whether long or short.

Volume and the quantity of it, is the pure engine behind future directional price movement, and how far the prices will move. Case studies will be examined using the most recent prices on the S&P 500 E-Mini Futures Market as compared to the past, to immediately prove out that by exposing where and when only the largest institutions trade, now allows the professional and inside look into the future with a clear positional advantage.

Major market turning points will be identified both short and long, and how the price action as compared to the volume played a key role in the outcome of the prices moves. We will focus in on the correct application of Technical Analysis, to objectively analyze the supply and demand ratio, to know who is in control and the established direction for price movement for the near-term future. Once the professional knows this, it now becomes a function of learning how to select the True High Probability Trades.

Module 2: The Core Indicators

In this session we begin with an overview of the key indicators used in your daily analysis to determine the current state of the US Market. A simple and straight forward approach breaks down how to systematically and objectively analyze the end of day data, so that the trader is sure he/ she knows whether the market is net neutral, short or long. As the current state of the US Market can change on a daily basis, the trader understands the vital importance of following the correct flow of the analysis, and repeating the very same forensic analysis every single day, before any considerations what so ever will be made for trading in real time.

After the basic overview of the indicators, we will focus on the Money Flow Index. The Money Flow Index is a time proven short-term Indicator, which identifies whether the volume that has traded in is either on the short side, or the long side. It will additionally identify when and where the overall Market can be trading Net Neutral. It is a direct reflection of the largest of Institutions that are buying in or selling out, in the form of accumulation or distribution. The relative comparison of the Money Flow Indexes inherent values as compared to the prices, objectively show when and where the largest players are moving in and out of the market, so the trader can verify future directional price movement. The confirmation of the MFI moving in the same direction as prices provides the Trader with a valid signal to be trading short or long, or if the market is moving Net Neutral, the trader will then stay on the sideline until that scenario changes.

Module 3: Advanced Trend Line Applications

Here the student of the Market once and for all learns the correction application of Trend lines, and how they play such an important role in determining exactly where and when the Market Bias changes. The Market Bias as we spoke of earlier can change on a daily basis, and one of the most time proven methods to get the confirmation of those changes is via the trend line violations. Trend line violations (Where prices have crossed from below to above, or from above to below) provide two important trading scenarios. One is the early warning that prices may reverse and move in another direction, or that prices have broken out of the established trading channel, and it is now time to consider trading long or short.


As you will see in the many case studies that will be presented, the correct application of a seemingly simple technique, provides the confirmation or non- confirmation the trader needs to have, to make a serious trading decision both on an end of day, and more importantly on a real time basis. As we move further in the course material, we will provide real examples of how to use the correct application of trend lines within the Indicators themselves. Making the connection between a trend line violation within the indicators in the sub graph below the prices, and the subsequent trend line violation of the prices above, now gives the professional the confidence and conviction he/ she needs to continue gathering case evidence that a market bias change is in play, or a real time trade consideration is now valid.

Module 4: Fading the Largest Institutions

In this session we discuss in detail the application of the Chaikin Money Flow indicator, and how by correctly interpreting this indicator, you will add a layer of longer term confirmation to know exactly where and when the largest institutions are trading in and out of the market. The basic premise behind using two Money Flow Indicators in our analysis is quite simple. It gives us a much greater positional advantage to change our Market Bias when confirming the major market turning points and raises the bar to a higher level of qualification for valid real time trade selection.

The right Chart Patterns are a key element for real time profitable trading. Where no two patterns are ever the same, they will still have to have a certain profile to qualify for real time trade consideration, and this is what the trader will learn in this session. Those selected patterns when accompanied by both the Money Flow Index and now the Chaikin Money Flow Indicator confirmations, will leave no doubt to take the trade when the moment arrives. This is one of the most powerful aspects of this course, in showing the trader how to literally look through the prices and predict with a high degree of accuracy where the prices should be moving in the near-term future.

Module 5: Divergence Analysis - The Markets Are Connected

The Module will introduce all traders to Divergence Analysis, and specifically how this technique will identify pent up buying or selling pressure, that has not yet taken place in the form of future directional price movement. If an advanced warning system were ever created, then this is it. Jeffrey Kilian and the VTC are considered to be a world authority related to Divergence Analysis.

Divergence Analysis once mastered is by far one of the most powerful elements of a Trading Methodology that a professional could ever employ. It reveals when and where prices will change direction long before they ever do. You will be taught how to correctly identify exactly where and when a positive or negative divergence has been formed, and how to use that intelligence to predict future directional price movement with a high degree of accuracy.

Case studies will be examined demonstrating exactly how Divergences were clearly present before major market turning points referencing the recent market major sell off. Clients who embrace this technique will have a clear vantage point in not getting caught in another major market sell off again. An example of how to incorporate both an advanced Negative or Positive Divergence Analysis within your current end of day will be provided.

The Markets are connected, and confluence is confirmation. Now we will Include and examine both the Dow equities, the S&P 500 Equities (known as the cash side) before we finish with our analysis on our primary market that we will trade, the S&P 500 E-Mini Futures. We do this to discern whether the Equities Markets and the E-Mini Futures Market are moving in parallel or not. It is vitally important to know “the current state of the US Market every single trading session” and here we will perform a forensic examination of all related indexes, so we arrive at an objective conclusion.

Remember we are referring to Objective Analysis vs. Subjective Analysis. Objective meaning, something that can be analyzed and confirmed as being the absolute truth, versus a grey area or an inconclusive finding.

No trader lives on an island and neither does a singular market. The interconnectivity of Markets is ever present, and where one may be lagging and another leading, it sends a clear signal as to what Market the largest institutions may be using at that time to move prices in the near term future within the primary market we trade.

Module 6: Putting the Puzzle Together - The Smart Money Bias Trading Call
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Module 7: Successfully Crossing The Bridge From EOD to Real Time Trading!

In this session, you will learn how to cross the bridge from your end of day analysis into real time trading. Now knowing how to determine the current state of the US Market combined with arriving at a Smart Money Bias Trading call, we will now cross the bridge from your end of day analysis conclusions, into real time high probability trade selection.

Professional coverage on the intricacies of indicator interpretation as the prices move in real time. Minute by minute, prices can either move closer towards a valid entry or not, and it becomes your new task as a professional to adapt to the movement of those prices and determine exactly where you now stand in real time. We will look at multiple divergences in multiple time frames based on the indicators time parameters, as compared to the price patterns or the trading channels defining the category of the high probability trade itself.

Real time trading requires more advanced training to mitigate open risk on a daily basis. Fortunately once mastered, there is a distinct positional advantage over longer term position trading because there is NO overnight risk. All trades have short hold times and are completely closed out before the Market closes. The current increased Market Volatility can increase open risk which can lead to decreased profitability. For example, the Market may open with a gap down and you have a open long trade, or vice versa.  Therefore, you could give considerable profits back. Under real time trading proper protocol, your again out every night and NOT exposed to those possibilities. Also, one would consider the lifestyle of calmness and composure as compared to the level of stress that can be associated with longer term positions on other Instruments traded.



Module 1: Critical Nature of Volume

Module 2: The Core Indicators


Module 3: Advanced Trend Line Applications

Module 4: Fading the Largest Institutions


Module 5: Divergence Analysis – the Markets Are Connected

Module 6: Putting the puzzle together – The Smart Money Bias Trading Call


Module 7: Successfully crossing the bridge from EOD to Real Time Trading!


A Half Hour of Personnel Time With Jeff Kilian

YOUR BONUS: Everyone will receive 1/2 hour of personal support and mentoring time with Jeff Kilian when finished with this course, guaranteed!



Empower yourself to take charge over your financial future.


Trade from your home or office and create the lifestyle you want.


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